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The Potter Twins

AKA the Starr Twins 

starr twins tyler tayler 
Crystal and Jocelyn Potter, Which one is Hotter?

I tried doing research about you two on the net, but I kept finding information about the Olsen Twins or Harry Potter. What is a good online source for Potter Twin information?
Crystal: Have you tried searching PublicRecords.com? Just kidding.  I will let Jocelyn answer this one since she knows more about searching the web than I do.

Jocelyn: Oh my god, this is going to sound like I am trying to plug our site but www.twinvirgos.com is by far the best place to keep up with what we are doing.

I did read that you are from Texas. Does that mean that you like Bush?
Crystal: The only politics I know about is The Politics of Dancing.

I meant the beaver not the president, but speaking of Bush, maybe you could do a video with the Bush twins. Would you be up for something like that?
The name alone, Bush, sounds creepy, we would pass on that offer.

I also read that the two of you are doing all sorts of projects. Bare Wench 5, Dr. Phil, Twinvirgos.com, Hustler video, and you are even divas of radio. What has been your favorite project so far?
All projects we have done, so far, are equally considered our favorite because of their diversity.  Each project is a new experience, thus giving us an opportunity to learn.

Is there any chance we'll see you in a reality series?
Our day to day life is a reality show.  Only thing missing is someone who can keep up with our fast-paced life and get it all on tape. Now that is a true reality show!

If you were on Fear Factor, what would be your biggest fears?
Crystal: Joe Rogan, just kidding! I plead the 5th on this question.
Jocelyn: Crystal pleading the 5th!

Is there anything gross that you wouldn't eat?
Marmite! Marmite is a product from the U.K. which was introduced through our best-friend, Momma Kerri, who loves it. Marmite is a savory spread made from spent brewers yeast. Marmites infamous tag line is, You Either Love It or Hate It, and that is no joke!

Ok, I am dying to ask this question. I read a New York News article that said you tricked Dr. Phil. Would you like to comment on that?
Jocelyn: Oh shoot the phone is ringing. Could you please hold that thought!  We will be right back!
Crystal: Do I smell smoke? I think I left the stove on, better check to make sure it is off. Be back in just a second!

Do you prefer to do videos together? Do you foresee solo careers in the future?
If you put us together, we might be able to complete a thought or sentence. We bounce off one another, and it would be a horrific video if it included one without the other.  

Crystal, I hear you can stick a fist in your mouth!  How did you realize you had such a talent?
I wish I could remember how that one came about, but unfortunately I can’t recall the first instance of me doing this talent.

I also read that you two have had some wild party years. Can you each tell the male readers one sexy story from your past?
I can not kiss and tell about my past involvements, but one did consist of 8 straight non-stop hours!

Was there a lot of drugs involved during those party years?
Crystal: Enough to ask myself the next day Where the hell am I? How did I get here, and who is this person I am next to?

Now on to your nudity. How comfortable are you being naked with each other?
About as comfortable as two sisters can be.

Do a lot of guys try to hit on you in hopes of having a 3-some? Does it ever work?
We try not to think that a guy is hitting on us in hopes of a 3-some. We each have our own taste in men, and thus, a 3-some has never nor will ever happen. 

Well, there goes my dreams. Ok, now some easier questions. What projects are you currently working on?
Jocelyn : We are talking to someone right now about the possibility of doing a comic book based on us! It’ll be exactly as we are…..very sexy and extremely funny! We have seen some of the rough sketches and they look absolutely fantastic!

What can members expect to see on your site?
Lots and lots of us!

What won't they see on your site?
Anything for free!

You are identical "mirror" twins right? What does that mean?
Crystal: This means that our features!
Jocelyn: are opposite one another, even though
Crystal: they are actually the same. For
Jocelyn: example, Crystal is right handed, while
Crystal: Jocelyn is left handed. My face
Jocelyn: is more oval than mine which
Crystal: is much rounder. And so
Jocelyn: on and so on

I get it. Next up, what are your measurements? 
Big breasts, tiny waist, and curves that can make grown men weep!

I am weeping. Also, how can fans tell you apart?
Jocelyn: The very first thing that gives us away is our personalities. We are so opposite that once you get to know us you can tell right away which one is which. But if you have never met us then the one physical attribute that gives us away would have to be our tattoos. I’ve got the Paul McCartney and Wings logo on my right wrist.

Crystal: And on my right wrist I have got the Robert Plant Zoso symbol, and on my left wrist I have got P which stands for Pink Floyd.

Rockers, huh that is totally cool. Well, I guess I have taken enough of your time. Do you have any questions for me? Do you have anything to say to your fans? 
The more the merrier and the postman always rings twice!

Thanks again for the interview. We hope to talk with you again soon!



potter twins

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