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The Milton Twins (Cali and Cherish)
another exclusive NinjaPimp interview!

cali and cherish

So what happened to your gig as the modeling on an adult website?
We are no longer working wit them.  We are actually in a lawsuit right now.  Never once did they get a model release on any of that work; therefore, all that work is posted illegally and they did not give us any royalties, and they are a screwed up company.  They are known as: teen revenue, first choice management, triple X cash and gm global inc.

That's crazy.  My friends the Taylor Twins had similar issues with Phil Flash.  Speaking of twins, what was it like working with the Simpson Twins?   We were friends with the Simpson Twins (they were going to be called the Smart twins) They are from Pennsylvania.  They are very nice girls, and they like to go clubbing and to the beach a lot.  They are awesome. They drive the same car as us too and from the east like us.  (We have) many other things in common with them as well. They're just straight out fun, and great friends

So besides me, the NinjaPimp, who has been your favorite person to work with?  
If I could date anyone I have worked with it would be one of the Simpson Twins!!! Hell yeah!

As a twin, I saw a scene where you worked with a guy who was hung like a NinjaPimp.  What did you think of him? 

As the guy we worked with was really nice, we worked with him previously for Jimmy Lifestyles too his name is Arby...defianly a GREAT guy! Very nice and considerate.

Have you worked with any other relatives.  We all know you worked together, but we'd love to see you with your other sister.  You mom is also a MILF. 
No, We have not worked with any other relatives

How old were you when "the twins" started fooling around with guys? 
We were 16 when we first fooled around with guys.

You do a lot of cool stuff on camera, but what won't you do? 
We will do anything, but we will not touch each other....ewwwww...incest is not best we don't put each other to the test! We don't do @n@l, interracial, cream #*(@, or anything gross like that.

What do you think of  Ninjapimp is a great site, very nice indeed and helped us back in 2004 when we had to do a release about fraud that someone did under our names, thanks for letting us tell our story.  Afrosquad is also GREAT!!!

So what's the story with your tattoos and piercings? 
We have piercings and for tattoos; I have a Playboy bunny, a star and a twin has a rose over the Malone tattoo, a Gemini sign, and for piercing we both have our eyebrows, labias, ears, tongues, and belly buttons pierced.

That is an amazing amount of piercings!  Can you tell me about your myspace page?  I like MySpace and I get to put pictures of myself and write about my thoughts, talk to fans and friends, and meet new people.  I put a lot of heart into the way I design my page to best fit my personality!

Here's a question that I just asked Belladonna.  Do you think prostitution should be legal? 
I think prostitution should not be legal. Porn is tested and taken thought into where prostitution sure its kind of like porn, but you don't get tested. There are so many dangers...

So isn't your sister pregnant? 

Have you ever considered plastic surgery? 
I thought about getting my breast done, only one size just not for my work but for more confidence, and I want to do a little lypo in my stomach since my pregnancy in 2003 gave me a tiny pouch. I want to get rid of 4 -5 inches off my waist, but a body wrap might do that.

How old should you be to work in the adult industry, and do you prefer working with men or women? 
I think a girl should be 18 to legally do p0rn, just like it is now.  girl/girl is so much better than b/g and way more gentle for us small petite girls

In a recent adult movie, your sister gets reamed.  What's the story behind that? 
My twin was in pain during that scene we just showed up and started, my sis used an =N=M@ and that was about it.

Well, do you have anything else? 
We would like to tell our fans to keep watching for our new line of work...its more enthusiastic and here is something for our fans...


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