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NinjaPimp Exclusive Interview
Nutritionist: Maxi Moom
  maxi moom

Maxi, how are you doing tonight?  I'm feeling fine these days, especially since the morning sickness has gone :)) Otherwise I'm as happy as a preggy can be :)

I heard that you have he largest natural breasts of any thin woman on the internet.  Do you think that is true? Don't know really, I'm not competing in that manner, but I know fans love comparisons and stats, so I would rather let them have fun with it. One thing is for sure - that nature was extremely generous with my breasts, have to admit that.

We recently interviewed Maxi Mounds.   According to the Guinness Book of World Records Maxi has the largest breasts in the world.  What would you think about doing a photo shoot with her? You just got the official answer to previous question :)  I saw that lovely lady for the first time on your site and would be honored to pose together with such a famous model. Unfortunately, I'm kinda shy and never did any photo shoots with other models.

What are your feelings on breast implants.   Every woman has absolute right to choose how she will look. Personally, I would never do any aesthetical surgery on my body, not implants, nor reduction. I wouldn't do it even if I would have no breasts at all, but that's just me.

So what brought you to  I heard your husband had something to do with it. It was my boyfriend's idea to contact TopHeavy, back in June 2001. He showed me the site and explained how it works. Then he introduced me to BreastMaster (the owner of TopHeavy), who became interested in engaging me as a model. So, I started modeling and it all happened to be a great fun for me. I was getting dozens of emails each day, lots of compliments, supporting words and shooting requests. Since the reaction was very positive, BreastMaster created a page for me at TopHeavy and that's the only place where I appeared in last 5 years. In January of 2006 I moved to my own website at and that's the place where you can find me now..

Do you have a large fan base on the net?  If so, what would you like to say to them?  Yes, I have LOTS of fans, much more then one would expect from amateur model. I am already communicating personally with all of them, so don't have any general message, except that I love them all and being adored by so many guys is a real happiness for a woman.

So why do you cover your face in your photos?  Ah, that's an old story and most of fans already know it. As you might guess, I have a regular job and career, so the situation forced me to start modeling this way or not to model at all.

A lot of people see you as a sex symbol.  Who do you look at and view them as sex symbols?
Never thought about sex symbols... But guess it's individual and wouldn't be wise to make any generalizations. Personally, I'm glad to be seen as a sex symbol. I'm happy when my fans are happy, so it's my pleasure too when guys are enjoying my photos and videos. I got that gift from Nature, simply have to show it and make people happy, it appear to be my mission. Certainly wouldn't be fair to hide something that people desire to see so much.
Well it has been great interviewing you.  Thanks for your time.   You're welcome. I enjoyed too!

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