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Kami Andrews Interview:
with Coyote Jones

Kami is one of the adult industries wildest performers.  She recently appeared on Howard Stern, where she got up close and pesonal with Howard's assistants.  She's appeared scores of films and magazines.  Kami takes a break from her hectic life to do an inteview with NinjaPimp.  This is a NinjaPimp exclusive... here you go.   

Kami, let's start with your appearance on Howard Stern.  How was your experience on the show, and how many times have you been on?
I have been on two times in person and once accepting an award via phone.  I had a blast and was treated with respect each time!
Considering your last appearance (she was spit on), do you think you'd be a good contestant for Fear Factor?
Hell no.  Those people are nuts.  I will not put any sort of animal in my mouth. I will not let animals crawl on me (like bugs)

On to your adult career, who has been your favorite person to work with?
Director:  Ivan
Male Performer:  Mark Wood
Female Performer:  Katrina Kraven
What's the funniest thing you have ever heard on set, that I can say on a PG-13 website?

I don't want to become the sort of couple that has to put their name on their e?eM^$ in sharpies.

I don't think I can print that.  Anyway, what is the funniest thing you have heard on set that I can't put on a PG-13 website?
I will not eat her *(@^ out of @^@$.
Kami AndrewsRobin Williams once said, "Cocaine is God's way of saying, you are making too much money."  Do you think there is a drug problem in the adult industry?
I think there is more to any industry than meets the eye.
Do you see yourself directing someday?  If so, who (besides me) would you want in your movies?
I direct for Elegant Angel my first movie "Who let the W#0res Out" has:
Mark Wood/Sandra Romain
Tyla Wynn/ Dirty Harry
Penny Flame/Chris Evans
Katrina Kraven/Sasha
Myself/ Van Damage

Who do you really dislike and why, (again, besides me)?
Arrogant people.  A women who has sex for money by any other name is still a !^&!*.
Well, thanks for taking this time.  Is there any product or anything you would like to promote?
I would love for every one to check out my free site at http://www.kamiland.com and buy my new release from Elegant Angel "Who let the Whores Out"




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