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 Reality Ryan, AKA GQ Money Interview
 Exclusively by The NinjaPimp

GQ, please tell us a little bit about yourself.
Well, I grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago always a wrestling fan. My mom got me into wrestling, and I used to watch it on TV with her, and also go to live shows with her as well. I was a high school wrestler, and captain of my team junior and senior year. I have two gold medals in international freestyle wrestling competition, as I competed in the 1992 Maccabi Games which is like a Jewish Junior Olympics. I went to college at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and once I graduated I started pursuing my career in professional wrestling. I’ve been on a reality show, been a finalist in a contest to become the Los Angeles weather man and I’m one incredibly good looking guy.

Where have you wrestled?
I got my start in Denver, CO. I was brought in to help start an indy with a man named Dan Magnus and Bobbye Black. We had great success starting the CWO, an organization that drew large crowds (more than 10-times as many people as any indy that ran in the area) and had great media exposure. As the CWO ran its course, I moved out to Los Angeles to work with XPW. I climbed my way up the ranks there (both on screen and behind the scenes), until XPW ran it’s course and then I moved out to Nashville to work with TNA. I moved back to CA where I’m now involved in the MTV Wrestling Society X project. I have wrestled in CA, PA, NC, AL, TN, GA, SC, CO and a few other states as well.

What did you think of XPW?
XPW was the best! I loved it. I loved our renegade vibe, the hatred by the critics and the no rules mentality. We said what we wanted, did what we wanted and let nobody tell us we couldn’t do something. There were no rules, no boundaries and no limits. I was allowed to explore my creativity and come up with ideas that no other wrestling company would ever think of doing. XPW got a bad rap, but if you really watched it, it was a really good product. The TV-show was hysterical, and the intensity at live shows was incredible. Everybody put us down, but there isn’t a fed out there that offered what we did. People were just haters, but that was fine with us.

Can you tell us a little bit about some of the guys in XPW? Maybe Pogo or Supreme.
All the guys were cool at the time. We all got along and just had a great time being part of a company that was different. Pogo was a nice guy, but could be intimidating as well. I wrestled him once and I was scared shitless. The match was great though, and was an awesome display of a little man getting tossed by a big man. Hell, I got bieled (beeled) (sp?) from one turnbuckle clear across the ring to the other. It was sweet! Supreme was cool, but you knew when you were working with him it was time for business. I remember doing a segment for XPW-TV where Supreme came into my balloon shop office (yes, I ran GQ Balloons for a while) and beat the crap out of me. That was stiff, and it was rough, but it was cool. It made for good TV.

What is your favorite match?
Raw Sewage aka the 30-foot sh!t bomb. In XPW if I wrestled (as opposed to managing) it was always against Angel. We had a great feud and one of our highlight moments was in a match where he sidewalk slammed me off a 30-foot tower into a kiddy pool of raw sewage which was on a stack of two tables. That match was fun, and so was the Genocide cage match. Once again Angel and I ended up high above the ground, this time 20-feet up on a rickety home made cage that we thought was going to collapse. I tossed him off, and then jumped off the cage with a 20-foot cross body on top of him, and the security guards who were checking up on him.

Is there anyone that you don't get along with?
Then, no! Now, oh yeah. My former best friend Kaos and I don’t talk at all. He fucked me over big time when we moved to Nashville and I will never forgive him for that. Also Smokey Carmichael (a friend from Colorado who I brought into XPW) who also fucked me over when we moved to Nashville. The pricks moved out without saying anything, without leaving a note or making a phone call, nothing. And this was the day before rent was due. Fuck them!

What do you think of Rob Black?
Rob is a great guy and is very misunderstood. He’s always been good to me and allowed me to do what I do best, perform. If you get to know the real Rob black he’s a good guy. The public persona, well, that could be rough. The persona is an asshole, the person is not.

How did you get the name GQ Money?
The 1st XPW show I went out to see I was sitting in the bleachers pre show with my buddy The Giant (not WWE’s) watching the set up and just checking things out. Lizzy Borden came up to me and said, “You must be GQ Money” and that was that. I hated the name, thought it was too cliché, but it’s cool. The funny thing, back when I was a kid my rap name was GQ as well.

Where can people learn more about you?

What do you think of
It’s a fun site with great interviews.

Have you checked out our Afrosquad page?
Oh yeah. It’s a well known fact that if I could grow an afro I would. I’m funkdafied, fortified and amplified to the next level!

What about wrestling as an evil pimp?
The GQ Money character had a little bit of an evil pimp vibe, especially once I got to Philly and blended the original GQ Money persona with the Ultra Violent GQ Money persona. I was almost involved with a pimp and ho wrestling fed once but it didn’t work. In college we threw a 40oz pimp and ho party where my band The Electric Manny Schevitz played… It was tight. I also made a TV commercial for a school project for “Playboy Malt Liquor” because “Pimpin’ Aint’ Easy.” Oh yeah!!!!

Do you think there is a problem with drug use in wrestling?
The only problem is when individual people abuse the drugs and can’t use them responsibly. Taking pain pills for pain is fine… Taking 26 pain pills for pain is not! Do people do drugs? Sure they do. I never had first hand experience with anyone who had a problem, but drugs are always around. I think that’s the case with any aspect of the entertainment business. It’s part of the lifestyle.

Who is the most beautiful woman in wrestling?
Hands down, nobody holds a candle to indy, XPW and Wrestling Society X wrestler Valentina (J Love).

What is the most insane thing you saw in XPW?
Supreme catching on fire after I gave him a diamond cutter from the top rope threw a flaming table! He got burned bad, and spent a couple of days in the hospital. I felt so bad, even though it wasn’t my fault. I was involved in the “stunt” so I just had this enormous feeling of guilt. Supreme’s kid never liked me after that, but I couldn’t blame him? As far as he knew I torched his dad. The craziest thing was I had to go on TV week after week and brag about it.

What was it like to be behind the scenes over there?
A whole lot of fun. It was a fantastic 2.5 years of my life. At the same time as working there, I was also touring the country doing stand up comedy with Ron Jeremy, so it was a pretty fun time! Ob and I always clicked creatively and came up with crazy ideas. He wasn’t afraid to try something different, and neither was I. Kevin (Kleinrock) and (White Trash Johnny) Webb were always the voices of reason, while me and Rob were always like, “Why can’t we do that? This is wrestling, there are no rules!”

Do you have anything to ask us, the writers of ninjapimp?
You ever been anally probed by an alien named Zolorp? Have you ever drank sheep’s milk straight from the sheep’s teet? Have you ever had the urge to urinate on yourself while waiting in line at the movies?

Any parting words?
Smoke and mirrors!!!

Well thanks for your time.

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