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 Simpson Twins Interview
 Exclusively by The NinjaPimp

Simpson Twins
So are you ready for some frank and candid questions about you and your sister?
Hell yeah!

I have only seen you in one video. Have you done a lot of adult modeling and video? We did only like four videos, but were coming back out for more!!

Great!  When did you and your sister first get into the adult industry? Did you get in as a pair?  In September of last year, and yeah we did break out as a pair.

Is it easier to work with your sister? I know some twins find a sense of security when they work with a relative.  I love workin' with my twin!  She's my best friend!

Do you have any limits on what you will and what you won't do in a scene with you sister?  Yeah. I do.

Were you and your sister close from a very young age?  Hell yeah!  We always been attached to the hip. lol  

Not literally, I hope.  Did you always have separate clothes, or did you mix and match as kids?
We mix clothes, always... We still share clothes.

Have you ever heard of Cali and Cherish or the Taylor twins? If so, what do you think of them?  Yeah I did a couple scenes with them on my website.  They are awesome twins.  I love them as my own sisters.

I've seen the videos.  You do mean literally.  What is the craziest or most interesting thing you have ever done in front of a camera? Me and my twin beat the sh!t outta some guy.  It was our scene.  He got aroused by getting punched and kicked in the balls and (Gigantic Weiner!)

Have you rceived a lot of weird requests from guys? If so, what are they?  Yeah we have.  Like one was if we ever @!E each other (&$.  Ewww, gross!

Do you have a large fan base? Some what.  A lot of people are starting' to know us more!  Our fan base is growing though... because we are coming back!

Do you have any products, projects, or websites that you would like to promote?  No.  Not yet!  We will soon though.

What can NinjaPimp do to help you out in the future? Be there to support us and protect us from haters.

We f'n hate haters!  Would you ever do any photo shoots with any other members of your family?
My older sister would be fun.

What is something that people don't know about you?  ummm

Have you ever worked as a stripper or dancer? Yes, I have.  Twice. has had over 1,000,000 visitors since our inception. Is there anything that you would like to say to the fans? I love them and thanks for there support. 

You seem to be a very sweet girl. What is a nice thing that you did for somebody? I helped out older people when I first turned 18-20.  I was a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

What is a mean thing that you did in the past? I am sure you have a naughty side. I beat some girl up for talkin' sh!t on my mom

Do you get any haters or jerks on your Myspace page? Can you tell us about them?
Yeah, I do!  I just ignore them and just forget bout them.   They are just mad because they are not sexy, and they don't have a twin.  :)

Well thanks for the interview!  Thanks a lot Red Ninja.  That was fun!  I really enjoy the adult industry look for me more I'm coming out! Check out my new movie:  POV Fantasy 6 , that was a fun movie!

We will, take care!

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