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Jessica Jaymes Interview

jessica jaymes

On October 12, 2004, it was widely reported that she and pop singer Nick Lachey had a sexual encounter at a bachelor party for his friend, Sean Sullivan, held at the Hollywood Hills residence of C-Note Records' owner Cody Leibel.  Jaymes later claimed to New York Post's Page Six that Lachey watched her in a lesbian sex show with another pornographic performer.  After the alleged incident was publicized, her career seemed to escalate with the announcement that she is the first-ever contract model for Hustler and awarded her the "Hustler Honey of the Year" award.  On November 21, 2005, reported that Jaymes and her agent were shopping around the alleged "real story" for a price of around one million USD.  She also shared some details with  (Source, Wikipedia)

Jessica, hi. How are you doing? I just woke up. I am so sorry. I was at a New Year's party last night, so you can imagine how tired I am.

Would you like me to call back another time? You sound really tired. No, let's do this. I just apologize if it takes me a minute to wake up.

No problem. So who came up with your name? I did. I came up with it myself. I had to spell Jaymes with a "y" in the middle because there was already a Jessica James, and I didn't want to be confused for her.
I didn't know that. I looked your name up on Wikipedia, but I didn't think there would be two Jessica James (Jaymes). So what is your website and who runs it? The site is Brandon Michaels and Catalina Cruz are affiliated with the site. They are great.
Brandon is an actor in the adult industry. I am familiar with his work. I also used to work with Catalina back when she was known as Jenna Z. She was on our site for a while. So where are you from? I am from Anchorage, Alaska. My dad was in the Air Force. He was a DEA agent, a police officer, and he was in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot.
Didn't you want to be a pilot? Yeah, I was born to pilot. Ever since I watched Top Gun as a kid, I wanted to be a fighter pilot.
Don't you work with Playboy? Yes, I host a TV show called Totally Busted... it is on Playboy TV. It is a totally uncensored show that is like a XXX Candid Camera. Furthermore, I did a show called Night Calls. On the show, people call in and ask sex questions. They ask things like, "When did you first have sex?" By the way, the answer is that I was thirteen years old.
Did you know that we just interviewed Ginger Lynn. She also does a show on Playboy. She works with Christy Canyon. Ginger is a legend. To steal a word from the 80s, she is "rad." Ginger Lynn is beautiful. She is wonderful. I can't say enough about her.
I also read something about you and Nick Lachey. Can you tell us about that? I can neither confirm or deny anything about Nick Lachey. You can read about that on page six of the New York Times.
Well who was the other girl involved? Was she a friend? Holy sh!t. I don't even know her name. I just ate her pu$$!. I eat a lot of girls. I am so tired. I apologize.
So were you Hustler's Honey of the Year? Yes, I was also the first contract girl as the Honey of the Year. I have done five covers with them and six layouts. I worked with them in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006. I was Honey of the Year in 2005. I was also on Howard Stern, four times. Three times when it was in syndication and one time when it was on satellite.
What was the show like? The first time I was there Howard put me in the Robo Spanker. I was the first girl to ever use the Robo Spanker. It wasn't calibrated right. Howard whipped me hard. Oh my god, I f'n cried.
What about the other episodes? On another episode a fan of mine named Richard had to answer questions. He got several right, but when he got one wrong he had to pay. A guy named Captain Sack "tea-bagged" Richard with chocolate on his balls. Can you imagine? That had to be the worst!
Is the show different now that it is on Satellite? No, it is still the same. They now broadcast the show on the web.
So what movies have you made lately? One is titled Jessica Jaymes' Poke-Her Tournament.
That's clever. What company do you work with? It is Jessica Jaymes productions. It is my own company. I produce all of my own sh!t with Platinum Blue.
I didn't realize. So, who do you like to work with? Honestly, I like everyone I work with. I work with a large amount of people. Some of my favorites are Nick Manning, Brittney Skye, Talon, Sasha, Tommy Gunn, and several other people.
What companies have you worked with? Vivid, Wicked and everyone imaginable. I have worked with them all. From the top of the business to the bottom.
So how many people visit your site? I don't know, but the website makes about $60,000 a month. So there must be a lot of people.
That's great. Congratulations. Yeah, and for the fans who want to see something harder... I am launching a new site very soon. It is going to be called Jessica Jaymes Raw! The site is going to be extreme. There will be blood, my head in a toilet, wrist slashing, anal, asphyxiation, murder, stuff that nobody would believe. It is going to be awesome! I can't wait!
That's great. I am sure it will be a big success. You have been a very fun guest. Maybe if you get the chance, you can tell your friends to do an interview with
Well thank you for your time. It was a lot of fun. I wish you the best of luck on your website. Please keep in touch!


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