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 Cory Heart (Courtney Simpson) Interview
 Exclusively by The NinjaPimp

Courtney Simpson
Hi Cory, how are you doing tonight?
Doing pretty good! Studying my a$$ off and really tired, but good!

So can you tell us a little about yourself?

Well…………I am an internet p0rn sensation!!!! LOL j/k Actually I am just a girl from Utah, good family, athletic background, good student, pretty normal life outside of what I do online.  Never thought my life would take the turns it has, but I am making the best of it.

What do you think of our movie
LOL It was cute! Is that you with the afro wig??

That's all natural.  So what level did you compete at in gymnastics?

Ok I will give NINJAPIMP an exclusive that I have never talked about before. I started gymnastics when I was 4 and competed will I was 16 going as far as State competition. I stopped competing when I was a junior in high school because gymnastics had lead me to cheer squad and I had a better chance of getting into college with cheer than I did with gymnastics. When I met
Niko (my boss) and we started to build my site, we made the choice to NOT make my site another cheerleader site and instead to make it a gymnast site. I love doing gymnastics and with the way things have worked out for me with cheer I wish I had stuck with gymnastics instead as it was, and is my true passion.

Is your real name Cory Heart, or is that a stage name?

No but I love it!!!!!! For obvious reasons we use a “stage name” to protect me and my family.

Can you tell us a fun story from your gymnastics career?
Oh I have tons! But the best one was luckily caught on tape. We wanted to shoot some actual gymnastics routines for my site in a REAL gym so we bribed someone at my schools gym to let us in from 6-9am to film. We hide all the school banners and signs and stuff and then just set me loose doing floor routines and working the bars, the horse, the works! Doing this for 2+ hours because everything we did we did with an outfit on and then went through it all with nothing on. By the end of the morning I was so whipped out from all the stuff I had been doing. I got on the running trampoline used to practice your floor routine and just started flipping and doing all kinds of fun stuff. Then took off my clothes and started doing it all naked (way more fun naked btw). All of a sudden I started a backwards flipping sequence and Oooooops I ran out of room and CRASH!

Here is the actual clip and if you look close you will see this was ALMOST not very funny. I missed those bars by inches yikes!

What is one of the most interesting gymnastics moves that you can perform?

Well the splits of course! *wink*

Was it a big transition for you to go from gymnastics to adult modeling?

Well I would like to say that I was, but I was a natural show off. I have always been a very h0rny girl and this has all come a but to easy for me! I would like to tell you I was shy or embarrassed the first time I got naked for the camera, but I would not be telling the truth. I loved it!

Is modeling a full time job for you, or do you keep a day job as well?

My “day job” is school. The money from the site is the only income I have right now while I go to college.

What will and what won't you do on your website?

Well for my site I have only done nude modeling and some m@sturbation. I made a bad choice when I was young and went to LA looking for work. While there I shot some hardcore, ok I actually shot a lot of hardcore content in a span of about 10 months. I came to my senses when school found out and kicked me off the cheer squad and revoked my scholarship.  I came back the Arizona and started working on my site. Point is we buy some of the content I shot in LA and use it on my site sometimes. But I do not do that kind of work anymore.

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Working out, sex, reading, sex, working out, sex………………………

Do you see yourself continuing your education?

Heck yeah! I see myself finishing my degree in the next 2 years if all goes well.

Tell us what you think of

It looks really cool and I hope you guys do well with it! Here wait…Cory Heart says NINJAPIMP rawks!!!!!!!!!! 

Besides gymnastics, do you have any other special talents?

I am told that I am really funny! Maybe I should be a comedian?

I bet you are a bad-a$$ dancer.  Can you tear it up on the dance floor?

Ok now you have embarrassed me! LOL You would think with all the cheer and gymnastics I would be a bad-a$$ dancer…but I really am not. I mean I move ok and have rhythm but it isn’t something that just flows through me. I get on a dance floor and usually look like the really hot retarded girl who has had too much to drink!

If we are in the area, would you like to be in the AfroSquad movie in 2008?
Haha! I am sure that would be a blast!

Well, thanks for your time!  We'll get you on the list of extras.  KrazyMan will be excited!

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